Central Park has seven pools, all thoughtfully located, and each designed with its own, one-of-a-kind feature and a different swimmer in mind.

Puddle Jumper is shallow with a zero entry for little ones to walk out as far as they want to and splash around. Aviator, the communities first pool, offers a variety of adult and youth programming. The F-15 pool has lap lanes and lots of shade, and while every pool has kid-friendly elements, this one is a great space for adults. Jet Stream’s design is inspired by the Hamptons, with plenty of room to soak up the sun and for kids to play. Runway 35 pool has a modern design and is the competitive pool with a heavy focus on swim team programming. Maverick pool has a mid-century modern design, and is a family friendly leisure pool. North End pool the newest to the community features two water slides and more!

Pools are typically open from Memorial Day to Labor Day each summer. The Master Community Association (MCA) offers details about life guarding opportunities, aquatic events like poolside yoga, holiday festivities and Dog Daze, when we mark the end of the season by opening our pools to our four-legged swimmers!

For hours and programming information click here.


North End Pool Small
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9888 E 59th Pl


Aviator Pool Website
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8054 E. 28th Ave.


F15 Pool Website
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2831 Hanover St.


Runway 35 Pool Website
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8863 E 47th Ave.


Puddle Jumper Pool Website
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2401 N. Xenia St.


Jet Stream Pool website
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3574 Alton St.


Maverick Pool Website
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8822 Beekman Place


Central Park boasts six water features throughout the community. Residents can enjoy these playful gathering areas in neighborhoods such as Beeler Park, Willow Park East, Conservatory Green, Central Park North and 29th Avenue. Each water feature is a little different, providing loads of fun during the summer months.

Beeler Park has a shallow, meandering stream extending 120 feet in length. Willow Park East’s Buffalo Wallow is an interactive water feature inspired by the circular, recessed forms created by buffalo in the high-plains prairie. Conservatory Green Plaza has a “water skin” fountain where sheets of water cascade down, providing the perfect summer cool-off. Children running in the ½ inch plane of water will animate the “water skin” with rooster tails of water spray that sparkle in the light. Both Central Park and the Shops at Northfield have fun interactive water features where the water is sent flying in the air at unsuspecting intervals. And last but not least is Founders’ Fountain, which is designed to emulate the stream flowing from the mountains to the plains. Water features are typically open Memorial Day through Labor Day (contact the operator for specific times).

STAPLETON BEELER PARK 240 edit 1024x682 1

Beeler Park & Plaza
Located at 57th Ave & Beeler Park
Beeler Park Neighborhood
Operated by the MCA

Buffalo Wallow 1

Buffalo Wallow
Located at 55th Place & Valentia Ct
Willow Park East Neighborhood
Operated by the MCA

Conservatory Green Water Feature

Conservatory Green Park & Plaza
Located at E 49th Pl & Valentia Ct
Conservatory Green Neighborhood
Operated by the MCA

Northfield fountain 2 large

Shops at Northfield
Located west of ZEN Asian Sushi Bar & Grill
Conservatory Green Neighborhood
Operated by the Shops at Northfield

Central Park

Central Park
Located at MLK Jr Blvd & Xenia St
Central Park North Neighborhood
Operated by the Denver Parks & Rec
Call 311 for information

Child Looking in Founder Fountain

Founders’ Fountain
Located at E 29th Ave & Roslyn St
East 29th Avenue Neighborhood
Operated by the MCA