Central Park, Denver’s 80238, makes it easy to get around – whether you’re headed somewhere in the community or elsewhere in metro Denver.

Central Park’s prime location, 15 minutes from downtown Denver and 20 minutes from DIA, has become even more accessible with the addition of the I-70/I-270 interchange at Central Park Boulevard. But Denver’s 80238 is all about multi-modal transportation. No surprise one of the city’s most popular bus stations is here. Central Park is seamlessly connected to an 850-mile regional network of bike routes. With the opening of the commuter rail in 2016 you now have even quicker access to downtown, the airport and the communities 11 RTD bus routes.

Meanwhile, your Central Park home puts you close to everything you need – shopping, dining, playing in the parks, meeting friends, going to school, exercising, and even going to work (if you’re lucky enough to have an office space in one of the business centers) – so you don’t always need a car.

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But the idea isn’t just to get from point A to point B, it’s about the journey, too. Sidewalks and trails are set away from traffic lanes and plenty wide. So you can comfortably walk hand-in-hand, leash-in-hand, or both, with room for neighbors walking the other way. Neighborhood streets are narrower, slowing traffic to a quieter pace. And garages are tucked away in alleys to make neighborhoods more about front porches than garage doors. The result is more pleasing to the eyes, ears and feet.

The obvious benefit of walking, biking, scootering, skating and jogging is better health – burning calories instead of fossil fuels. Which also leads to a healthier environment with fewer carbon emissions. But when a walk leads you to a concert, Farmers Market or even a block party, the benefits multiply.

Lots of reasons to get outside, get going and connect with the world around you.