Celebrating 12 Neighborhoods

In 1995 when the opening of Denver International Airport meant the closing of Stapleton International Airport, Denver had the unique opportunity to transform 7.5 square miles of runways, concourses and terminals into a beautiful new community. Join us in celebrating the transformation of Denver’s 80238, and Bluff Lake’s, 80010 from an airport to 12 neighborhoods.

From Airport to 12 Neighborhoods

How We Grow

See the growth from former airport to thriving community

Fall Street scene in 29th Avenue neighborhood. (2004 vs 2018)

Look how the trees have grown around the skate park
in Westerly Creek Neighborhood. (2004 vs 2018)

It’s the heart of the East 29th Avenue Town Center - a fountain environment that tells the story of water’s journey in Colorado. Evoking the idea of a stream flowing from the mountains to the plain. It’s just so cool to look at. (2003 vs 2018)

Movie nights under the stars began in 2004.
Not much has changed since, except the scenery.

The air control tower is a community icon.