Did you know that in the Eastbridge Neighborhood there are four pocket parks named after the seasons? If not, now is the time to explore what these parks have to offer. Each one is as unique as the next.

FALL PARK – Maple trees and a mix of foliage blaze autumn colors every season. Looking out across Westerly Creek from the shady pergola, you’ll notice the park’s pathway aligns perfectly with Central Park’s promenade.

SPRING PARK – Early-blooming flowers rise to announce the equinox and usher in the thaw. Features include shade structures, a Maypole, benches open space and spring plantings.

SUMMER PARK – A park full of flowers that love summertime. A playground for kids who love summertime. And a compass that orients visitors to the path of the sun.

WINTER PARK – Snow gathers on the north side of the graceful rolling hills. Pine trees stand at attention. And from the center of a snowflake-emblazoned plaza at sunset on the winter solstice, you can watch the sun drop between two perfectly positioned vertical stones on a nearby hill. Signifying the end of the year’s shortest day.

Download the Parks Brochure here!