Greenway Park, a favorite among walkers and runners, is also home to some very important guests: theSkate Park, Dog Park and Community Garden. Plus an observation tower, climbing wall, the Mud Pie Sandbox, barbecues, tennis courts, shady spots to relax, public art and places for kids to play.

While it’s easy for these attractions to hold the spotlight, what makes Greenway Park feel so good is mature trees, which are some of the oldest in Denver’s 80238. The lushness of the park bodes well for our newer parks. It’s a sign of good things to come.

Here is what you can discover in Greenway Park:

  • Skate Park – Central Park is home to one of Denver’s unique skate parks.  Welcoming skateboarders, in-line skaters, and BMX bikers – young and not-so-young – and designed to challenge advanced riders without intimidating newbies.
  • Dog Park – Dogs need to run. They need to play. And they absolutely need a place where they can just be dogs. To our canine friends, the Dog Park looks like heaven.
  • Community Garden – Gardening is a universal theme in Denver’s 80238. From the cultivation of common areas to garden-ready homes, fresh food is part of a healthy lifestyle.


Download the Parks Brochure here!