Phantom Pavilion (Trenton St and Stoll Place)

Artist – Volkan Alkanoglu (Portland, OR)

Installed: 2018

The Phantom Pavilion sculpture located at the promontory of the Prairie Basin Park is a structure assembled with 1,162 painted cross-laminated aluminum elements creating an independent structural shell.  With its dynamic shape and silhouette it appears to be in motion while constantly changing its appearance. The symmetrical pavilion consists of three iconic vaults and stands 16 feet tall at its highest point.

The canopy of the pavilion features an array of multiple colors while introducing a joyful color gradient from left to right and top to bottom. The skin of the pavilion also features a complex pattern of openings which produces playful shadows on the ground and ambiguous visual effects during the day and change of seasons.

The Phantom Pavilion offers both shading and seating elements to visitors of the park, welcoming visitors, guests, and the local community with its fluid form and landscape of colors.   It offers the public and local community an opportunity for formal and informal events throughout the year.