The Bluffs Park and Public Art

Wind Gate Art Suite (Dallas and 59th Place)

Artist – Rodrigo Nava (Putney, VT)

Installed: 2019

The Wind Gate Art Suite, located between Chester Street and Dallas Street, is the new artwork for the neighborhoods north of 56th Avenue.  This public art installation consists of a suite of three groupings of sculpture, three different installations of expanded, weathered steel elements.  The Bluffs park south of 59th Avenue is the location of “The Five” and “First Light”.  “The Five” is a grouping of five sculptures, 6’ high by 5’ wide arranged in a circular configuration. “First Light” is a line of nine sculptures 12’ high and 7’ wide striding eastward.  The third grouping, “Beyond the Plains” located in the North Commons Park is composed of three sculptures 6’ high and 6.75’ wide arranged in geometric response to each other.    Each element of this artwork, fabricated with 17 A606-4 16GA weathering steel and square tube as structural support,  is expanded with a heat process to create intriguing shapes.  Each sculptural array serves as a landmark and creates opportunities for engagement and interaction with this prairie landscape.