A Charming Urban Address

Wicker Park neighborhood takes the places you need to be, and the places you want to be, and brings them together in a single, vibrant, convenient Denver location. Long trails and wide stretches of nature in almost every direction. Good Denver schools. And places nearby your new home to find everything from a great pair of shoes to a pulled-pork sandwich.

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Variety is the spice of Wicker Park

Everybody has a different idea of what makes a beautiful home. And we think that’s a beautiful thing. Wicker Park is a not-very-big neighborhood with a very big variety of new home styles. From classic cottage bungalows to sleek modern designs. With thoughtfully crafted details and colors inspired by nature. So finding a new home that fits your life and your taste becomes easy. And walking through this Denver neighborhood, past a veritable bouquet of new homes, becomes an everyday pleasure.

New Homes For Sale

We currently do not have any newly built homes available for sale in this neighborhood.
Please contact your local real estate agent for re-sale listings within Wicker Park.