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“A Hill for All Seasons,” By Jay Epperson; Wolfe-Epperson Team

When we first moved here in 2003, one of the big selling features was the green space and Central Park, which was being built. Unfortunately, due to drought conditions, the completion of Central Park was delayed, but like many things in the community, was well worth the wait.

As we transition from fall to winter and see our first snowfalls, the Sledding Hill in Central Park becomes my favorite place of the season in the neighborhood. Yet, the nickname betrays how great the place is year-round, and I always point this out to clients and visitors. The Sledding Hill really is a hill for all seasons and is my favorite place throughout the year to bike down the hill with our boys and see all the changes that are occurring in the neighborhood and beyond.

This spring, the hill was the best place to watch the former airport garage, one of the last vestiges of the old airport, disappear and become the latest new neighborhood. The change created awesome new views of downtown and the Front Range, with the iconic control tower in the foreground. On the 4th of July, we gather with a lot of our neighbors to watch a 360-degree view of fireworks explode across the metro area, capped with the show to the north at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Sunsets are beyond comparison, and on any given day you will not get a better view of the whole city we call home. That said, I am just waiting for our first real winter snow storm that allows me to grab our two boys and sleds and enjoy a great day on the hill with the best views in town.

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