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First Impressions

Fisrt Impressions Evolution of a Neighborhood


(Above Photo: Dennis and a family friend in The Green)

Introducing the next article in a series of stories about the evolution of Central Park – from how we got here to what’s next. Enjoy this compilation of articles from industry experts, Realtors, long-time residents and others!

A Blog Series

By Dennis Scott

Central Park Resident

The newest model homes are now under construction in Conservatory Green neighborhood, and it reminds me of my first impressions of the original model homes in Central Park.

Situated a few blocks east of Quebec Street, the homes stuck out in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. Only the old Control Tower interrupted the acres of vacant land that stretched into the eastern horizon. It was hard to imagine then how all that land would be turned into a completely new neighborhood.

But soon I was back to tour those model homes and a few months later, I joined the ranks of the first residents. On daily walks with my dog, Andy, we would assess the progress of construction, exploring a little bit further from home each week as the neighborhood rapidly expanded to the east. Of course, we paid especially close attention to the progress of the new dog park.

Despite constant construction all around us, it didn’t take long for the community to feel like a real neighborhood. The East 29th Avenue Town Center was completed and began to fill with stores and restaurants, and the MCA sponsored events at The Green to draw residents together and develop a strong sense of community.

The Sunday Farmer’s Market, movie nights and summer concerts on The Green have become neighborhood traditions. One of my favorite things is to watch the parade of strollers, wagons, scooters and bikes as they converge onto 29th Avenue from every corner of the neighborhood.

But without a doubt, I think the parks have become its most valuable amenity. The abundance of park space draws people out of their homes and encourages them to interact with their neighbors and to simply enjoy being outdoors. And who would have guessed that the alleys would be used as much as the parks as a place for neighbors to gather and chat over a beer or a glass of wine.

What a difference 10 years can make. I look forward to exploring the newest neighborhoods as the community continues to expand north of I-70. The design for Conservatory Green neighborhood will bring a unique addition to what has become an active and vibrant community!

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