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Love Thy Neighbor- Dr. Quynh Nguyen

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Central Park resident and general dentist for kids, Dr. Quynh Nguyen (known as “Dr. Quynh” by her patients) knew early on that she wanted to devote her life to children. She also knew that she had no intention of having her own biological children. Instead, she decided that she would make her life about caring for children in need. Whether it be through her dental practice for kids— Li’l Teeth Dentistry in Aurora or through her work helping the orphan population both here and abroad.

Dr. Quynh is the daughter of two Vietnamese immigrants, who escaped Vietnam in 1978 and ended up on a boat in the Pacific Ocean for 42 days with no food. They survived the journey and  arrived in Portland to their new life. Her parents overcame every obstacle along the way, and her father ended up working as an engineer, which brought them to Colorado where they started a family. Her mother had a rare pregnancy related cancer that made it impossible to have more children. As young as 13, she and her family began taking trips back to Vietnam and while there, they would visit the orphanages and she would play with the kids, bringing them food and toys.

“My early visits to Vietnam opened my eyes to the numerous children in this world who didn’t have families, and I knew exactly how I would form my future family,” said Quynh.

Later in life, she met her husband, a Russian/Ukrainian born immigrant, who also graduated with her from the same high school in Lafayette. He grew up in Russia and saw kids begging on the streets with no family or home. For this reason, he too always wanted to adopt and when they first started dating, he mentioned this to her. They quickly knew that’s how they would form their family. In 2010 only a year after getting married, they started the long adoption process. After two failed adoptions—and days after they closed on their home in Central Park North , they received word that they would be adopting a daughter from Russia later that year. They chose to move to the community because they loved the numerous blended families and attitude of inclusion among the residents.

“I love the community because it’s very blended and people accept all kinds of family structures here,” said Dr. Quynh. “We are a biracial family, that speaks four languages and celebrates many different holidays. There is very little judgment, which makes Central Park a truly special place to raise a family.”

Dr. Quynh is fluent in Vietnamese and is a native of Colorado. She has been involved with the community and children all her life. For twenty one years now, Dr. Quynh has also been involved in mentoring children and working closely with the community to find opportunities where she can offer her help. She joined her dental practice in 2012, which serves both residents and lower income areas in Northeast Denver, with about half her patients on Medicaid.

When she is not working, she can be found spending time with her family, playing and teaching piano, or working out at Bladium , where she is an active member. “I love how active this community is and how people are always outside with their kids,” she commented. “We enjoy eating at Etai’s Cafe and having quick access to the Shops at Northfield .”

Dr. Quynh Nguyen received her Bachelor of Science degree from Baylor University in Texas in 2004. She returned to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine
where she obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2008.

The Central Park community is among Denver’s most dynamic and vibrant—filled with passionate people who believe in strong community involvement and improving the world around them. Central Park is home to an eclectic mix of growing families, young professionals, empty nesters and numerous stand-out community leaders who are making positive change throughout Denver, the region and the world. 

One Comment

  • Nicole Vienneau says:

    Dr Q. Is a favorite of mine.
    Always kind, brilliant at her work, intuitive to what children and their parents need!

    So glad she was honored here for her work and her life!!

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