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Central Park: Past, Present & Future – Diane Deeter at the MCA

Diane Deeter was here when there were only tumbleweeds.

“I was hired when the first person closed on their home,” said Deeter, the Master Community Association’s (MCA) director of programs & events. “It was exciting because it was going to be a new community. And growing up in Kansas, it was designed a lot like how I grew up – as a true community with garages along alleys and front porches along streets.”

Deeter began working as Forest City (now Brookfield Properties) community manager before transitioning to the MCA several years ago.

She met with every resident as they moved in, entering them into a drawing to win a red cruiser bike (one’s pictured above!) and telling them all about the community.

“These orientation meetings really helped educate people on the Central Park story. The general concept was so new,” Deeter said. “They had to believe in it – they were living in a dust bowl and there was nothing around them but dirt.”

As the community grew, Deeter began evolving the MCA’s full schedule of seasonal festivals, markets and other programming. The association not only organizes a growing list of more than 50 annual events, but manages the neighborhood parks and four pools. The entry charge on events also generates more than $15,000 in non-profit donations every year.

“We are a non-profit,” she said. “We are always trying to work on how we’re seen in the Denver community. We want to give back; we want to be seen as a strong aspect of the community.”

As the MCA gears up for the community’s pool openings this Memorial Day, its employee base will also grow to more than 100.

The association is always planning new events such as Yoga on The Green and First Friday Flights (wine tasting), while annual favorites such as weekend movies and concerts can draw up to 1,500 people every time.

Next year, homes will begin to open north of Interstate 70, and the MCA will eventually organize movies, concerts and other events for the area as well as The Green.

“All of our events are open to the public,” Deeter said. “They offer our greatest opportunity … and we are always focused on bringing something vibrant to the community.”

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