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HGTV’s environmentally conscious home rolls out the green carpet

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Built by Infinity Home Collection, this year’s HGTV Green Home reveals hundreds of creative new ways that green can be beautiful. Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1908 Robie House, this home shows the distinctive character of the modern prairie style with its low-pitch roofline, broad overhanging eaves and dramatic window wallscapes. The front patio and deck function as outdoor rooms — expanding the home’s living area and providing a distinctly modern twist on a classic architectural form. Here are some features of the home.

  • HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score of 38. The lower the score the better. The average new home built to code is rated at 100 — which means the HGTV Green Home is 62% more energy efficient.
  • Energy Star ® certified. The national standard for superior energy efficiency.
  • Significant recycled and reclaimed content — including blown cellulose insulation, interior doors constructed from beetle-kill wood, and hardscape made from Staplestone and pieces of blast fence from the old airport.
  • Built with locally sourced materials wherever possible.
  • iPad-based remote monitoring and control of energy, lighting, home entertainment and security systems.
  • Photovoltaic 5-kilowatt solar energy system, providing 75% of the home’s electricity.
  • Most furniture and accessories are made from eco-friendly fabrics and materials.
  • Most of the art is original work by local artists, purchased at local shops and galleries.

In a Denver Post article Dave Steinke of Infinity Home Collections states; “Everyone wants to save, whether that’s energy, water or money, but people often don’t know what to do to make that happen,” Steinke says. “This house teaches people how to think and act differently so they can be better humans and consumers who contribute to changing the world.”

Download the HGTV Brochure here. 

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